When you put your heart into something,  and realizing everything that went into this book it just makes you stop and  wonder "what if" I play this game every time I see a comment about what I could  have done better. I know it is a part of the writing world, but it does ponder  so many more ideas. I need to just stop though because it will make me sick  wondering that. I have not enough time in the day as it is to write, let alone sit and wonder what I could have done differently. Everyone has a sad story at some points and mine is no different, but I think this is the first time I was  stopped in my tracks and wondered if I was doing the right thing.

Then I have to stop and listen to what my  kids say. They tell me every day that they are proud of me, and are excited to  see where I am ranking on the charts. My oldest offer to rub my feet, my  daughter does my hair, the second youngest said "Mommy I have a joke you can  use", while the baby offered unconditional love, and slobbery kisses. They are  why I write. To show them that you can do and be anything that makes you  happy!

Thank you again for your support, I guess sometimes everyone needs to  throw a pity party, and then wake up and smell the coffee (even though I prefer  wine LOL)

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    Standing on a soap Box!

    This is just some of ranting and raving as I allow my thought process to work. Love ya Lots!