Since it is Mother Day, I feel like talking about mothers. I am a
mother of four, or should I say I am a mommy of four. Many of you ask why I use  the word mommy or even mom, and I will tell you why. To me a mother is just someone who has given birth to you. It does not give them the right to be called a mommy or a mom. That name is reserved for something special in that child’s life. Someone who is there when a child is sick, cranky, hungry, and everything
in between. Those select women are also rewarded with smiles, hugs, kisses and the occasional finger paintings. We ask for nothing, and expect nothing in return but the health of the child. This day is meant to celebrate those wonderful women who take the time to raise them and offer support when needed. 

I have had the privilege of knowing several mommies and the   unpleasant meeting of those who are mothers. There are never enough words for these select women. Many have done it by themselves, with a partner, a grandparent, young, old, it makes no difference. So I offer a special Happy  Mommy’s day to you all. I will be spending mine wrapped in a big pink fluffy robe while my daughter pulls, I mean does my hair, the boys wrestle and the
baby pulling books from the shelves, while hubby tried and burns yet another chocolate cake. It is the best day I could ask for! I wish everyone the best on this special day!
Hugs and kiss to you  all!!!

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