This question has been eating at me for the longest time. I am a Giver, and proud of it, but is it okay to say enough and touch the Taker side?

I have had so many ups and downs in my life and I survived it all with a smile on my face. I never complain, or shy away when someone comes to me with an issue. I act as a sounding board, a helper, a friend, whatever you need from me I am there. I have always been this way, as I am sure many of you have been as well.  But when does it end, and the Takers become to much and soon take and we are left feeling alone and used. Is it right to feel that way? I say enough is enough and its time the Giver's step to the dark side.

But even as I think that, what if those people do not realize they are indeed acting like a Taker? Maybe they think this is how a friendship works and that if they don't say anything everything is okay. This has left me in a flurry of emotions and questions that never seem to get answered.

I will say this to everyone out there, try and be more open with people who you have spoken to or interacted with.
-If you are calling someone only to bitch or complain about something in your life and forget to even ask how they are, you might be a taker.
-If you send an email/PM/or phone call to vent about something or someone and the other person offers words of kindness, and you ignore them after, until you need to vent again, you might be a taker.
-If you ask for something, or favor and never give that person credit, or feel they are not as important to you, you are a taker.

Now the biggest question is...

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    Standing on a soap Box!

    This is just some of ranting and raving as I allow my thought process to work. Love ya Lots!