Being sick sucks!
When you sit and stare at your computer screen begging for something to happen an nothing does it becomes a problem. At my house I have had to deal with all of my wonderful children getting sick. Then everything was fine. But then Bam, just  like a fret train I get hit with the bug. Cold and flu medications did nothing.
So day after an exhausting effort to suck it up, I went to the doctor. It ended  up being a good thing as I have a sinus infection on top if full blown  bronchitis. Lucky me! So I’m done with the doctor, but then the pharmacy messes  up. I swear the day you do not feel good everything goes wrong! After waiting an  HOUR, yes I did say an HOUR for two prescriptions I head home. However then I am  met with my husband who is mad and needs to go back to bed and four children who  are hungry for dinner. Now people wonder why moms need a day off. Pancakes and bacon made, kids bathed and in bed. Now I am off to bed praying for a better day tomorrow.

Good night all.. Love ya lots!

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    Standing on a soap Box!

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