This question has been eating at me for the longest time. I am a Giver, and proud of it, but is it okay to say enough and touch the Taker side?

I have had so many ups and downs in my life and I survived it all with a smile on my face. I never complain, or shy away when someone comes to me with an issue. I act as a sounding board, a helper, a friend, whatever you need from me I am there. I have always been this way, as I am sure many of you have been as well.  But when does it end, and the Takers become to much and soon take and we are left feeling alone and used. Is it right to feel that way? I say enough is enough and its time the Giver's step to the dark side.

But even as I think that, what if those people do not realize they are indeed acting like a Taker? Maybe they think this is how a friendship works and that if they don't say anything everything is okay. This has left me in a flurry of emotions and questions that never seem to get answered.

I will say this to everyone out there, try and be more open with people who you have spoken to or interacted with.
-If you are calling someone only to bitch or complain about something in your life and forget to even ask how they are, you might be a taker.
-If you send an email/PM/or phone call to vent about something or someone and the other person offers words of kindness, and you ignore them after, until you need to vent again, you might be a taker.
-If you ask for something, or favor and never give that person credit, or feel they are not as important to you, you are a taker.

Now the biggest question is...

It’s always such fun to receive notification that I’ve won a blog award.

  Author Mimi Tulane presented me with the Sunshine Award last week, which is presented to those who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. Thank you so much Mimi

Check her out  http://mimitulane.com/

As a recipient, I’ve been asked to tell you the following about me:

Favorite Color:  Plum or lavender

Favorite Animal:  Wolf

Favorite Number:  11

Favorite non-alcoholic Drink:  Water w/ Lemon

Facebook or twitter Mostly Facebook.. still working on the Twitter thing

Passion:  Reading, writing,  baking, and singing

Giving or Getting a present:  Always giving!!

Favorite Day:  I was say it is Thanksgiving. I love the cooking and sitting down enjoying each other

Favorite Flowers:  Lilies

I’d like to take my turn and pass this award on to an aspiring writer who you
will all want to be on the lookout for…she’s doing some great stuff!!


Since it is Mother Day, I feel like talking about mothers. I am a
mother of four, or should I say I am a mommy of four. Many of you ask why I use  the word mommy or even mom, and I will tell you why. To me a mother is just someone who has given birth to you. It does not give them the right to be called a mommy or a mom. That name is reserved for something special in that child’s life. Someone who is there when a child is sick, cranky, hungry, and everything
in between. Those select women are also rewarded with smiles, hugs, kisses and the occasional finger paintings. We ask for nothing, and expect nothing in return but the health of the child. This day is meant to celebrate those wonderful women who take the time to raise them and offer support when needed. 

I have had the privilege of knowing several mommies and the   unpleasant meeting of those who are mothers. There are never enough words for these select women. Many have done it by themselves, with a partner, a grandparent, young, old, it makes no difference. So I offer a special Happy  Mommy’s day to you all. I will be spending mine wrapped in a big pink fluffy robe while my daughter pulls, I mean does my hair, the boys wrestle and the
baby pulling books from the shelves, while hubby tried and burns yet another chocolate cake. It is the best day I could ask for! I wish everyone the best on this special day!
Hugs and kiss to you  all!!!

When you put your heart into something,  and realizing everything that went into this book it just makes you stop and  wonder "what if" I play this game every time I see a comment about what I could  have done better. I know it is a part of the writing world, but it does ponder  so many more ideas. I need to just stop though because it will make me sick  wondering that. I have not enough time in the day as it is to write, let alone sit and wonder what I could have done differently. Everyone has a sad story at some points and mine is no different, but I think this is the first time I was  stopped in my tracks and wondered if I was doing the right thing.

Then I have to stop and listen to what my  kids say. They tell me every day that they are proud of me, and are excited to  see where I am ranking on the charts. My oldest offer to rub my feet, my  daughter does my hair, the second youngest said "Mommy I have a joke you can  use", while the baby offered unconditional love, and slobbery kisses. They are  why I write. To show them that you can do and be anything that makes you  happy!

Thank you again for your support, I guess sometimes everyone needs to  throw a pity party, and then wake up and smell the coffee (even though I prefer  wine LOL)

People wonder where my inspiration comes from and all I can say is everywhere. I was in Saint Augustine Florida when I came across this statue. It has been there for years, and yet many don't take the time to notice how inspirational the artist was when creating him. Even back then the human body was adored and looked upon in wonder. I now looked at things in a different light. The way the sun hits someone hair, a funny laugh, or even an older couple holding hands. There is always a story there. The main question is are we paying enough attention to listen to it.

Things to think about. Love ya
Being sick sucks!
When you sit and stare at your computer screen begging for something to happen an nothing does it becomes a problem. At my house I have had to deal with all of my wonderful children getting sick. Then everything was fine. But then Bam, just  like a fret train I get hit with the bug. Cold and flu medications did nothing.
So day after an exhausting effort to suck it up, I went to the doctor. It ended  up being a good thing as I have a sinus infection on top if full blown  bronchitis. Lucky me! So I’m done with the doctor, but then the pharmacy messes  up. I swear the day you do not feel good everything goes wrong! After waiting an  HOUR, yes I did say an HOUR for two prescriptions I head home. However then I am  met with my husband who is mad and needs to go back to bed and four children who  are hungry for dinner. Now people wonder why moms need a day off. Pancakes and bacon made, kids bathed and in bed. Now I am off to bed praying for a better day tomorrow.

Good night all.. Love ya lots!

You know there are times when all I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep the
day away. The days when I was a child during summer breaks where morning did not
happen until it was 10am. Now my morning consists of waking up at 5am, giving me
time to edit what I wrote the day before, catch up on emails, start a load of
laundry, and plan the day out. This is all done before I wake the children to go
to school, and dress the baby. Of course my wonderful daughter has to have
something pretty done to her hair. Then drive to school, and then to the store
if I need to since it is at least 20 min. into town. Then home to feed the baby
breakfast, coffee if I am in the mood. Put the baby to nap and try and write.
During all this time my wonderful husband comes home from work and wants to
talk, go to breakfast or something. All I can think about it what I want to
write next in the book I am working on. At some point I get him settled as he
goes to sleep. Then I am off to my own world. All to soon it is time to get the
baby up and get the kids from school. Home again, homework needs to be done,
dinner to complete. Following showers, teeth and of course reading them a
chapter is whatever book we are working on at the time. Right now we are reading
the “Hunger Game trilogy.” At some point the baby is sleep and I am back to
writing or reading getting ready to start all over again. This has become a
routine I have grown accustomed to, and from time to time we all need to break
away and breathe. That is what I am going to do this week, and focus on me.
Sometimes we all need to realize we are more than just a simple mother, author,
wife, but a person. Since today is Monday I will end this rant with “It’s just
another Manic Monday!!!”

Lots  of Love,

    Standing on a soap Box!

    This is just some of ranting and raving as I allow my thought process to work. Love ya Lots!